Having a spotter in business development!

business and development, Mark Wahlberg, movie ShooterI recently watched Mark Wahlberg’s movie Shooter “again”.  I really like that one!

It reminds me of business development.  You know, you really should not go it alone.  There should be a business development team.

For any one deal you are going after, it would be neat to have a spotter.  In the movie Shooter, actor Mark Wahlberg’s character is a sniper and he lost his spotter.  It was his good friend and military comrade.  So, he recruited actor Mike Pena as his new spotter.

In business development, it would be neat to have  a spotter to tell you what’s out their with respect to business competitive intelligence.  The spotter was the sniper’s look out man.  He’d say:

  • You’ve gotta get out of there!
  • Incoming …2 o’clock!
  • They’re right in front of you!
  • They’re all over the place!

Not to make light of military maneuvers, but it would be really cool to have folks in settings like government agency prebid meetings or competitive pitch interviews to tell you what the prospects’ staff and what your competition is up to… competitive intelligence.  If you are in there alone, you may miss out on what others hear and see.

business and development, business competitive intelligence, Mark Wahlberg movie ShooterMy favorite line in the movie is when an elderly, retired sniper says:

“The world ain’t what it seems.  The minute you think you got it figured, you’re wrong!”.

This is precisely why it is extremely important to have a business development team.  The more intelligence you can gather, the better you’ll be able to figure things out.  Even if you cannot afford to hire someone full time, consider paying a consultant to show up and give you feedback on what she is hearing and seeing.

Clovia Hamilton, MBA JD – President

Lemongrass Consulting Inc.




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Clovia Hamilton is an entrepreneur with 30 years of professional work experience as an adjunct biz law & ethics professor, university technology transfer specialist, engineer and planner. Clovia is a licensed patent attorney and completed an Executive MBA at Wesleyan College. Her next pursuit is a Phd in Mangt and she supports The Phd Project, American Association of University Women (AAUW), and Women in Public Policy (WIPP)! Clovia has trained hundreds of business owners since 1999 when she began to assist the Univ of IL in Champaign with faculty high tech start ups. She has also assisted hundreds of small biz owners by training them on how to get government grants and contracts.

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