Using Twitter – 8 Tips – Part Three

online marketing, facebook marketing, linkedin, twitter for marketingI have written two (2) blog articles about my journey using Twitter.  The first was for beginners called “Do you Tweet?“.  I followed this with a Part Two.  A lot of business owners set up their Twitter accounts and then they get frustrated with trying to figure it out.  I bought a Twitter for Dummies book which was very helpful.

Initially, I followed other women business owners.  I went to trade organization meeting for women business owners and we were all encouraged to follow one another.  Well, it is great to support one another.  These follows make increase your business website traffic too.  However, at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself if the folks you are following and the folks that follow you back are best for your business growth and development.

I joined Twitter in 2009.  Last year, I began to lose interest in this social media site all together.  I would scroll through tweets by folks I was following and very little seemed to matter to me with regard to my business’ growth.

Then, on Facebook, someone posted how he was really reaching key business leads and sending them pitches.  He was getting appointments and making deals.  I had an “Aha” moment.  My problem was that many of the folks I was following and who followed me were not my ideal business targets.

Here are eight (8) tips:

  1. Be clear on what you are passionate about – – state this in your Twitter profile and photo images
  2. Be clear to identify products and services that you want to sell that are in alignment with what your passions
  3. Draft a list of ideal prospective clients — I have listed ours on our website
  4. Use the Twitter search tool to find your ideal folks and follow them – – be very selective on who you decide to follow
    • Check to make sure they are posting messages that interest you
    • Check to make sure they are engaged with others
  5. Be sure to create categorized Twitter Lists and add the folks you are following to the appropriate Lists – – this will help you to be able to send appropriately targeted messages to these folks and will help you scroll through posts on similar subject matter
  6. Try to reach these folks outside of Twitter by using Google to search for their email address or try to send them Inmail in Linkedin.  I also have luck finding folks on Facebook and sending them message.  I introduce myself and I encourage them to connect with me on the other platforms – including Twitter.
  7. If after 2 weeks, there is zero interest from someone you are following, you can decide to either (a) unfollow them if you do not feel strongly about reading their posts; or (b) continue to follow them and study what they have going on.  I continue to follow alot of thought leaders, influencers and news sources that do not follow me back simply because I want to keep up with these sources
  8. With respect to news, I actually enjoy using Twitter as my RSS feed for my favorite blog articles.  I use Twitter feed to feed articles written by my favorite bloggers to Twitter so that not only am I sharing them with my followers, but I also have a one stop shop to read these articles when I have time

With regard to all of my women biz owner and other friends, I would advise that it is fine to continue to follow small business owners that you want to support if you do not mind their posts. But, you may want to create a special List for this category of people.

I am currently going through the painstaking task of cleaning up my list of folks to follow.   I started with about 4,100 folks.  It is painful but I know that having strong Lists will be rewarding in the end.

By Clovia Hamilton, MBA JD – President

Lemongrass Consulting Inc.

(c) 2014. All Rights Reserved. Lemongrass Consulting Inc.

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Clovia Hamilton is an entrepreneur with 30 years of professional work experience as an adjunct biz law & ethics professor, university technology transfer specialist, engineer and planner. Clovia is a licensed patent attorney and completed an Executive MBA at Wesleyan College. Her next pursuit is a Phd in Mangt and she supports The Phd Project, American Association of University Women (AAUW), and Women in Public Policy (WIPP)! Clovia has trained hundreds of business owners since 1999 when she began to assist the Univ of IL in Champaign with faculty high tech start ups. She has also assisted hundreds of small biz owners by training them on how to get government grants and contracts.

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