Procurement Technical Assistance Centesr (PTACs)


Procurement Counseling

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Procurement Coaching includes serving as an advisor and facilitator to help:

  • Determine the Suitability for Contracting (Maturity, Resources)
  • Secure Vendor Registrations
  • Secure Vendor Certifications
  • Research Procurement Histories
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Network with Government Agencies and Prime Government Contractors
  • Identify Bid Opportunities
  • Prepare Bid Proposals, Contract Proposals, Grant Proposals

We can help you…

We can provide expert level facilitation, coaching, and mentoring to enable you to develop and implement a results oriented strategy, or strategies, to achieve business goals and leadership goals and breakthroughs in the contracting arena.

  • Develop Results Oriented Goals
    • Identify and select goals and document a strategic implementation plan initiative
    • Increase levels of teamwork and collaboration among your staff or other labor resources
    • Increase your capacity for leadership
    • Promote a culture that values and practices teamwork, coaching, mentoring and continued education
  • Execute Results Oriented Goals
    • Plan and sustain breakthrough strategies for strategic planning implementation and resilient leadership modeling for change management
    • Enable execution of results oriented implementation plans
    • Increase levels of teamwork and collaboration
    • Increase capacity for leadership with Executive Leadership and Facilitation Skills Development
    • Promote a culture that values continued education


…Achieve Your Goals!