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$19.99 Writing Bid Proposals WorkbookThis workbook includes the slides to our Writing Bid Proposals seminar and a Sample Bid Proposal (74 pages)  writing bid proposals
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$19.99 Strategic Planning & Implementation Workbook  This workbook includes the slides to our Strategic Planning seminar (34 pages)  strategic planning
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 $9.99 Business Start Up Checklist – ideal tool for small businesses  (2 pages)  business start-up checklist Add to Cart
 $19.99 Fundamentals of Government Contracting Workbook:Local, State, Federal Contracting Guide.

Includes a 20 step guide on what to do to get started!  It also includes a Checklist with Website Links; Sample Capability Statement; and Elevator Pitch Template  (51 pages)

 government contracting; federal contracting
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$24.99 101 Startup Lessons in Business e-Book (142 pages)   business development; business success; business goals Add to Cart
 $9.99  25 Small Business Development Lessons e-Book (27 pages) business development; business success; business goals Add to Cart
 $1,000.00  Federal Contracting Marketing Strategic Action Plan                 This customized plan includes advice on which government agencies may be best suited for your business to market to.  It includes a reasonable list of who buys what you sell in your geographic market.  It includes advice on how to revise your marketing materials and website to best appeal to these government agencies.  federal contracting; government contracting; strategic plan; marketing strategy
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 $1,000.00  Intellectual Property IP Strategy Action Plan   This customized plan includes an assessment of your brand marketing, trade logo, trademark, trade secrets, copyrightable works, and any patentable inventions. It includes advice on how to protect and commercialize your intellectual property.  ip strategy; intellectual property protection; strategic plan
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 $1,000.00  Business Plan     Order a customized business plan for your business organization.  business plan
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 $249 each  Vendor Registration ApplicationMost government agencies require you to register your firm as a contractor.  The application is called a Vendor Registration.  They can be time consuming.  Let us type them for you!  vendor registration applications Add to Cart
 $249 each  Small Business Certification Application(does not include the federal small business certifications called 8a, Hubzone, or WOSB applications – for 8a, Hubzone, and WOSB contact us and Request a Quote because we need to discuss your eligibility first!!)  government contracting certification; small business certification
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 $249 Startup Technical AssistanceStartup a Business in just 7 days!  Let us walk you through the basic steps!  TechAssistance Add to Cart
 $249  per month Online Marketing – Social Media Package …Why go social? Because your customers will perceive your organization as being engaged & progressive!Let us develop your social media strategy, launch it, and manage your outreach!Get help with your Facebook marketing, twitter marketing …You’ll get a Social Media Calendar; Daily microblogs in LinkedinTwitter, and Facebook; a Weekly Blog; a Weekly Distribution of Short Articles in article directories and a Monthly Newsletter! facebook thumbs up Add to Cart

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If you are interested in:
  • a Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Bid Proposal Writing and Business Development Assistance on an hourly basis
  • GSA Schedule Contracts proposals
  • SBA certification application (8a, WOSB, Hubzone)
  • Grant Writing
  • Technology Commercialization

…contact Clovia for a quote at 678-235-5901.