Federal Highway Administration Georgia Division Office


Malcolm Baldrige Organizational Assessment Training Retreat

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Lemongrass Consulting has experienced professionals and certified planners to conduct Organizational Assessments.


Clovia Hamilton conducted strategic business planning and total quality improvement for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) using the Malcolm Baldrigestrategic planning principles.


  • Conducted an Organizational Self Assessment of managerial practices and customer surveys.


  • Planned and facilitated a one-day Performance Planning Retreat.


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  • Conduct an assessment of the overall climate and areas of team conflict and/or dysfunction by conducting one-on-one interviews with all staff members as well as with the management team to help it find more effective ways of resolving the conflicts within the organization.  The assessment includes:
    • Assessing the current climate and provide a written report of findings;
    • Identifying underlying factors contributing to any issues identified;
    • Recommending interventions designed to improve employee morale and performance; and
    • Conducting interventions as agreement by the management team and other leadership.
  • Possible interventions include:
    • Conducting teambuilding or team conflict intervention to get the issues out on the table for resolution, and facilitate group discussions of the problems to get at viable solutions;
    • Conducting independent competency assessments to provide developmental feedback to staff members and to measure progress toward developing more advanced skills;
    • Providing coaching to the management team on more effective ways to approach any skills gap problems; and
    • Recommending other interventions which become apparent during the assessment phase.