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  • US Patent and Trademark Office
  • University of IL Office of Research
  • Old Dominion University Office of Research
  • US EPA National Vehicle Fuel Emission Lab


  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Intellectual Property Marketing
  • Intellectual Property Licensing

 Lemongrass Consulting has experienced professionals to assist organizations with their Technology Transfer activities and developing Intellectual Property Strategies. Clovia Hamilton leads the Lemongrass team. Clovia is a registered patent attorney and former USPTO patent examiner. Clovia served the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Old Dominion University, and the USEPA as a technology transfer specialist.

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“[T]hank you for the many positive things you have accomplished at Old Dominion University. The recognition ceremony and the patent brochure were certainly two highlights.” –

Dr. Roseanne Runte, President

Old Dominion University, ‘03


“With you as Director of Intellectual Property and Research Compliance it was for the first time, that I had the feeling to get full support on securing our intellectual property and marketing it. It is (was) a pleasure working with you. You were always willing to listen, and to give advice. I hate to see you go to another University, but I wish you all the best for your new career.” –

Dr. Karl H. Schoenbach, Professor and Inventor

Physical Electronics Research Institute

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Old Dominion University, ‘03


“You certainly have raised our standards and our appreciation for what can be done with patenting, licensing, etc. Thanks for all your help.” –

Dr. Daniel Sonenshine, Professor and Inventor

Department of Biology and IACUC Chair

Old Dominion University, ‘03


“I appreciate your taking time to share your expertise on IP matters this morning. You presented a tremendous amount of information in a very palatable format.”

Cynthia Easton, Grants and Contracts Administrator

Old Dominion University Research Foundation, ‘03


“As always, you do a great job of quickly apprising us of the considerations required by relevant laws.” –

Dr. David P. Swain, Director

Wellness Institute and Research Center and IRB Chair

Old Dominion University, ‘02


“We are impressed with your accomplishments in the ODU Program in such a short time on the job. You identified a significant number of important technologies and demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the science and commercial potential. We also compliment you on the excellent set of marketing materials you have developed for ODU.” –

Charles P. Blankenship

NASA Technology Commercialization Center, ‘02


“Thanks very much for presenting to the Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurial Development Advisory Committee yesterday. You made yesterday’s meeting very successful. I know Delegates Purkey and Christina, Senator Howell and the rest of the Committee members greatly appreciated the information and views you shared.” –

Eric Link, Staff Attorney

Joint Commission on Technology & Science

Virginia General Assembly, ‘02


“Wow! you have been busy and I love your plans! … I appreciate your good work.” –

Dr. Roseanne Runter, President

Old Dominion University, ‘02


“Thanks for all the good stuff you are doing!” –

Dr. William Swart, Dean

College of Engineering and Technology

Old Dominion Univeristy, ‘02


“Thank you so much for coming to my organization and administration class last week. You were wonderful, the presentation was excellent, the students loved you, your response to their questions was reasoned and thoughtful and they learned a lot.” –

Dr. Michael Dingerson, Professor

Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling

Old Dominion University, ‘02


“Thank you! You made more progress in a very brief period than had been made in years…you’ve been a godsend to us.” –

Jerry Robertson, PE, CmfgE

Director of Technology Applications

Old Dominion University, ‘01


“Let me say that it has been very refreshing working with you and seeing you react and resolve issues with snap-speed…Thank you for being so prompt, professional, and goal-oriented in working licensing issues with me.” –

Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos, Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois-Champaign, ‘01



























































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§ Set policy and procedures for your IP Mission

§ Execute programs to secure your IP rights in technology to defend you against allegations of infringement of the IP rights of others

§ Conduct IP rights investigations during the formation and execution of contracts, as well ad during contested matters

§ Acquire licenses in IP rights

§ Perform IP investigations and analyses in solicitations, contracts and grants on both a pre-award and post-award basis

§ Research and Analyze solicitations, grants, and contracts related to research for issues involving IP rightss, including revieiwing documents for IP assertions by contractors

§ Establish and maintain an invention surveillance monitoring program to assist in ensuring that you receive proper invention notification

§ Establish and maintain records and files including electronic files of contracts and agreements being monitoried

§ Establlish and maintain relationships with appropriate Scientific Officers, Contracting Officers, and Research Contract points of contact

§ Investigate research including conducting interviews and reviewing technical reports and other relevant inforamtion in order to monitor the progress of each contract and agreement under surveillance

§ Prepare royalty distribution memorandums, and enter royalty review information into financial systems

§ Receive, enter, and track data related to license processing and royalty revenue, and produce reports

§ Conduct basic legal research related to licensing regulations

§ Prepare and provide training presentations on an as needed basis covering standard IP clauses in contracts and agreements, relevant research performer obligations, and other IP related issues

§ Produce research and analyses of publicly available documents on file with the US Patent and Trademark Office and international paten offices related to patents and patent applications

§ Conduct IP rights analyses as a pre-emptive defensive action to prevent or minimize allegations of infringement to avoid costly litigation