government contracting, business training “Clovia, you did an amazing job at the Atlanta Micro Fund (AMF) Lunch and Learn last week. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone in attendance. Very impressed! Thanks! “– Candace Bazemore, Board Vice Chair, Sep 2012

Clovia Hamilton during Q&A after delivering an intellectual property law lecture.

Clovia Hamilton during Q&A after delivering an intellectual property law lecture.

“On behalf of the The Center for Entrepreneurship and the small business boot camp, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us about intellectual property. The students and I are extremely impressed by your knowledge and ability to explain difficult legal concepts with ease and comfort.  Again, thanks and I can’t wait to attend your next presentation.” – Professor Bridgette Bell, Atlanta Metropolitan College School of  Business

Clovia Hamilton Speaker One Sheet

“Clovia provided a phone consultation and I requested her services right after our consultation. I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge and professionalism. I love to share information with other business owners, so I have already told others about Clovia and the wonderful services she provides.” Bridgette Freeman, B.FREE To Save July 2012

“I was extremely impressed with Lemongrass Consulting when its CEO, Clovia Hamilton, facilitated a strategic planning retreatfor the Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness General Medical/Nursing Division. Her presentation was informative, and the retreat attendees gained a better understanding of the strategic planning process.” Carolyn McKenzie

“I first met Clovia through a mentoring program that we were both in. I was immediately (and continue to be) astounded by her ability to selflessly share her vast knowledge and experience with others in a way that helps them grow professionally as well as personally. Clovia has a refreshingly genuine approach to helping others through her innate gift of strategic planning. I highly recommend Clovia to any small business owner who is trying to figure out how to strategically integrate news tools and technologies into their business model.” May 14, 2010

Alicia Butler Pierre , Efficiency Engineer , Equilibria, Inc. 

“Clovia and I participated together in the Governor’s Mentor Protegee Program. She was an absolute delight to work with and brought many new and useful insights to the program.” December 7, 2009

Dona Cage , President , Turnkey Solutions, LLC 

“Clovia is a take charge professional who assisted our firm on several occassions. She clearly communicated her approach and tackled both projects with dedication and a smile. She would be a great asset to any organization.” September 21, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , On Time , High Integrity

Ringland (Rex) Bray
hired Clovia as a Attorney in 2008 and hired Clovia more than once

“Clovia is a very bright, conscientious attorney who has a passion for helping small business owners get through the mire of incorporating, applying for grants, etc.. She is affordable and extremely helpful, having taught business law at various institutions.” September 12, 2009

GRETCHEN SUNDERLAND , Owner , Sunderland Coaching 

“Clovia is a driven individual with many talents. I worked with her through the GA Governor’s Mentor Protege Program. She beleives in quality workmanship and demonstrates that integrity is the cornerstone of her business. I would recommend her highly!” September 1, 2009

Michele Brown-Rall , Senior Associate , Heery International 

“Clovia is an invaluable resource when working with the City ofAtlanta. She is well versed in all the current ordinances and knows the people who make the deicisions. I highly reccomend working with Clovia Hamilton” August 31, 2009

Neal Creech , President , Creech Custom Builders, Inc 

“Clovia is a highly respected SB advocate and dedicated professional focused on providing top-tier services that enhance SB opportunities and attend to client needs.” August 31, 2009

Stephanie Sherwood , Small Business Program Manager , Weston Solutions, Inc. 

“Clovia proved to be a valuable liason when working with the City ofAtlantaPlanning and Zoning. Her knowledge, professionalism and perseverance helped us accomplish our goals.” August 31, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity

Kelly Carter, Post Properties

“Clovia is and has been a bright, professional civil engineer while our paths crossed during her time at the City ofAtlanta. Clovia performed reviews and we were able to tackle tough engineering designs and come up with solutions that met my design intent while meeting the City’s jurisdictional requirements. We worked on these design solutions to keep the basis of the design intact; and keep the cost of the project at a place where the client would still be satisfied. I strongly recommend Clovia in her professional endeavours.” September 8, 2009

Kevin Edwards , Associate , Eberly & Associates